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DCI is a institute of bundi in the field of Competitive Examinations and fully dedicated to build the career of students in science field. DCI was established in 2010, The Director of DCI, Mr.Ashok sahu (A.K. SIr), and Mr.Hanuman nagar (H.N.Sir) who qualified in M.Sc.
in Organic chemistry has a mission of his Institute to generate educational awareness and to make academic environment in chemistry field. For last 5 years, it is achieving its goal with perfection through effective coaches for coaching, a systematically designed Test Series, deeply explanation of the each topic and Mr. Vijay Sir manage clarity in that concept....

institute, we make the foundation of student’s knowledge and ability so ample that his/her career building becomes very easy. We design our courses for medical and engineering entrance exams in such a manner that not only develop educational skills but also prepare students to face competition with confidence. For this we have our permanent team of higher qualified experts. Continuous improvement and innovation of all teaching learning process including those of study material and model test paper development at DCI. We assume that your need will be fulfilled when you will be at DCI. Our system is highly scientific therefore when you join DCI you become a part of powerful force which propels you towards success. At DCI we understand the student’s concerns that is why we cover the various subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social studies and English in our class room programme, making sure that a student gets one stop solution for his/her academic needs.The traditional lecture methods, in which teachers talk and student listen, usually dominate coaching classes. But in career maker’s institute students do more than just listen.
They visualize, discuss, and get engaged in solving problems. Most important is that students engage in higher-order thinking tasks are analysis, synthesis and evaluation of concepts and fundamentals. User of Hi-tech teaching aids in the classroom along with chalk and talk is a vital part of teaching pedagogy in DCI, which leaves invincible impact upon students learning and a favorable influence on student’s attitude and achievement. Visual-based instructions at DCI provide a helpful platform for learning complex concepts with ease. The notes, assignments daily practice problem (DPPs), test papers and question bank which will be provided to students are the best example of excellent research and continuous development.

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